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The Five Biggest Houses for Sale in the Hamptons

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Here in the Hamptons, nothing succeeds like excess. The bigger, the blingier, the better, and never more so than in our houses. If you're finding your current 12,000 square foot cottage a bit cramped, here are five options that will allow you to spread out a little.

Number 1: 612 Halsey Lane, Bridgehampton
Size: 26,500sf
Price: $43.5M
Of course the house we all love to hate is number 1! The Sandcastle boasts a ridiculous number of ridiculous amenities, including a "planetarium-like home theatre" and a half-pipe in the basement. Sore from skateboarding? Relax in the spa room.

Number 2: 15 Little Ram Island Drive, Shelter Island
Size: 23,000sf
Price: "Upon request"—reportedly $28.5M
This house, built in 2007, offers panoramic views of Coecles Harbor. Walls and ceilings were done "by a master Italian plasterer," trim and moldings "by a master English finisher" and there are "reclaimed French flooring and fireplaces." How to get to your European-finished hideaway? Private access via seaplane, duh.

Number 3: 919 Scuttle Hole Road, Bridgehampton
Size: 20,000sf
Price: "Upon request"---was $68M at one time.
Three Ponds Farm, the 60-acre Bridgehampton estate, has been on the market for a long time, despite features like an 18-hole golf course right on the property and a clubhouse. Plus, of course, three ponds, 14 types of gardens, a guest cottage on 4 acres, a pool/pool house, tennis, a storage silo (but of course), a barn, an orangerie and "a unique fish house."

Number 4: 315 Rose Hill Road, Water Mill
Size: 20,000sf
Price: $58.5M
The house "blends Old World elegance with modern convenience" with a staircase in "cast bronze and silver & gold leaf" under an early nineteenth-century stained-glass dome skylight. Twenty-first century technology includes state-of-the-art security and a Crestron entertainment system. Retire to the "grand master suite," four guest suites, three staff bedrooms and eight fireplaces with antique mantels.

Number 5: 30 Wainscott Stone Highway, Wainscott
Size: 19,000sf
Price: $10.9M (formerly $26M!)
Goose Creek is another house we love to hate, despite its being, according to the brokerbabble, "one of the most famous homes in the Hamptons" that "embodies a Gatsby era estate flush with grandeur and luxury." But fancier! Did Gatsby have a 110-seat screening room or indoor pool? We think not!