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Taxi Drivers: Stinky Yet Charming or Crooks?

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Yesterday we posted about the taxi situation in Montauk, which is so bad local cab companies are asking East Hampton Town to tighten regulations. Commenter DTinMTK wrote, "I've had nothing but great experiences with the local cabbies. Sure, they drive like nuts, some of the cabs (and cabbies) stink, the warning lights on the dash are lit up like it's Christmas and 'be there in 15 minutes' can really mean be there in 30 seconds or be there in an hour, BUT HEY, it's part of the Montauk charm?." Another commenter took issue with that. "You're an idiot? they're all crooks, don't know their way about town, and if you're the fool who's the last to be dropped off it can take as long as 40 minutes to get to your destination. It's about time that pricing is posted, and their licenses are on display (and the ones from Slovakia don't cut it)."
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