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In Montauk: Dredge, Baby, Dredge

Given a choice of three options by the Army Corps of Engineers for Montauk Harbor, East Hampton Town selected the most ambitious. The plan includes dredging the harbor to make it deeper, adding groins and sand, and private property easements for public access. Dredging the harbor is absolutely necessary for safe navigation of Montauk's commercial fishing fleet and the Coast Guard. The sand will be added to the beach west of the jetties that flank the harbor, and groins made of geotubes will be added to that area to stave off erosion. Eventually the geotubes will be replaced with hard material. The project is estimated to cost about $40 million, out of which East Hampton will pay $1.5 million.
· East Hampton Town Chooses Ambitious Montauk Dredging Plan [27East]