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Two Vintage Carl Fishers Plus Bonus Cottage Now $1M Cheaper

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When we first posted about this compound in Montauk, in between the usual bickering about hipsters and cityfolk, one commenter wrote "If they get anywhere near asking I will be amazed. This place is a total gut renovation." So far, you're correct, Guest 14, as the price is now a cool million dollars lower at $3.45M. Any guesses now about the final selling price? (Note: we still love the green bathroom.)

The property has plenty to offer: three acres of land with three buildings on them. We love Carl Fisher Tudors—and this property offers two of them, though they need work. One house has a five bedroom, five bath main part, with the staff quarters as a three bedroom, one bath separate apartment. The second Tudor is in rougher shape and is broken up into two apartments. There's also a cottage that looks extremely dilapidated. So that's three buildings with five legal C of Os.
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