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Inside OscarPRGirl's Colorful, Glamorous Southampton House

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[ELLE Decor/William Waldron]

When Oscar de la Renta SVP Erika Bearman, well known on social media as OscarPRGirl, and her investment banker husband Jonathan bought this 1910 Southampton cottage two years ago, the first person she called was decorator Miles Redd. Says Bearman, "Miles knows me and he knows my taste. There was nobody else."

Miles Redd says of Bearman, "She reminds me of a Rene Gruau illustration. The twinkly eyes, the raised eyebrow, and her smile just made me think of Gruau." Gruau was a fashion illustrator in the 1950s, working for clients such as Christian Dior and Vogue. In fact, a large Gruau poster picturing a glamorous couple in an Italian ad hangs in the living room.

The house is drenched in color. Miles Redd: "Erika was very clear about what she wanted. She said, 'I like black and white, emerald green, and a strong yellow. Oh, and navy and hot pink.'" Bearman says, "I never thought I would live in a house with so much color." Yet the place has the feel of a classic beach house (albeit a glamorous one), with washed, bleached linen sofas; sisal floorcoverings; and cabana-style stripes.
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