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Demonic Possession Takes a Bite Out of Your Security Deposit

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Jezebel prints a scoldy letter a bunch of twentysomethings in the world of fashion and finance got from their East Hampton landlady. At issue were "extensive blood stains" and "other large stains of body secretions" as well as "dents on a wall 15 ft high that can't be reached." Jezebel wonders if the house was damaged by "drunken bros and betches or exorcists." Oh, please. We Long Islanders know a possessed house when we see one. Until there's a pig with red eyes in the window, hidden red rooms, swarms of flies or "PIG" written in blood on the wall, this place is phoning it in.
· Boozy Summer in Hamptons Leads to Epic Angry Landlord Letter [Jezebel]