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We Rate Popular Hamptons Fitness Classes

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Working out in group classes on the East End has reached unparalleled numbers. People are willing to shell out upwards of $40 a session to transform their bodies into finely toned temples. Naturally, we're eager to weigh in on some of our favorite health trends of the season. We rated each class from 1-5 hedges, with 5 being the most intense workout.

Barry's Bootcamp, 352 Montauk Highway, Wainscott

The Lowdown: Barry's Bootcamp has been around for a while, and we quickly discovered why it is so popular. Our best tip: be prepared to run. Scratch that--only enter the class if you are willing to sprint for your life! The instructors keep you so busy hopping on and off treadmills, you literally don't have one second to say, wow, we just sprinted at 11.5 mph! The enthusiasm is intoxicating, but we caution that Barry's is not for the faint of heart. Having said, it's an awesome way to feel like you have really accomplished something before your day even begins!

Conclusion: If you are only willing to phone it in, don't go. But if you want to seriously sweat, then this place is for you!


Bari Hamptons, 79 Newtown Lane, East Hampton

The Lowdown: We recently tried a Macro class on a brisk Sunday morning, and we encountered the most enthusiastic instructor ever. This little fireball was super encouraging, but half of the class was choreographed dance moves. C'mon, we're not auditioning for a cheerleading squad! The crowd was nice enough, but the space was just too small. Worse, as we grapevined our way into a supposedly healthier life, the suspended armbands kept banging into our ponytail. By the tenth time the Velcro latched onto our hair, we were annoyed. The toning section was pretty good, but we were so disappointed that we never even touched the suspended armbands that caused us so much grief! We're just not sure this was the most effective use of our time.

Conclusion: If you love 80s dance crazes, this is for you!


SLT, 50 Station Road, Water Mill

The Lowdown: This was our first encounter with a megaformer, and we are completely hooked! This workout has been defined as Pilates on crack, and we completely agree. SLT redefines your body by digging into your side abdominals. Our only word of caution is that not every instructor is super cardio driven. Jill and Natalie give the most corrections during class, and they really push you to your limits.

Conclusion: If you want to set your core on fire, go NOW!


Jamie Sharpe