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The Formerly Highest-Priced House in Amagansett is Now $2.5M Cheaper

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That was fast! Only a month ago we looked at this newly listed house, which boasted the highest asking price in Amagansett. But the Pricechopper has since been wielded, dropping the ask from $19.95M to $17.5. With five bedrooms and 6.5 baths, the house is located right on Gardiners Bay with 260 feet of sandy beach on about 1.93 acres. The screening room looks really comfortable, unlike some others we've seen, which makes sense if it is Barry Sonnenfeld's old house, as a commenter said last month. It has tons of other nice features, too: five fireplaces, a rooftop deck, terraces on the second floor, a two-bedroom staff apartment, and the obligatory gunite pool.
· Cinemascape [Saunders]