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Thimble Island Oyster Co Practices 3D Ocean Farming

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In Long Island Sound, a small company is practicing "3D ocean farming." That is the growing of native aquatic plants—sugar kelp, for example—and shellfish in salt water. Thimble Island Oyster Co cultivates kelp, gracilaria (red algae), mussels, and scallops on suspended longlines above oyster and clam bottom cages. This not only is a sustainable way to produce fresh food, it helps to regenerate the ecosystem through filter feeders like mussels. They say that after a decade of farming, what was once a barren patch of water is now a robust ecosystem. The company offers a CSF that provides not only local shellfish, but also seaweed, which is very nutritious (the company says "our seaweeds contain more protein than soybeans and more calcium than milk"). Interesting ideas.
· Thimble Island CFA [Official site]