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Southampton Traditional Gets Chop #4 to $6.25M

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When last we visited this traditional in a "privileged enclave" of Southampton back in January, it had just had its price chopped. Now it's been lowered for the fourth time, to $6.25M. It first hit the market back in March of 2010. Specs: set on 2.5 "exquisitely landscaped" acres, the five-bedroom offers an expansive living room with beamed ceiling, a den/media room, four fireplaces, gourmet kitchen, and a newly added living room/pool pavilion combo. Will this latest chop do the trick? In January, commenters said, "This needs to be under $5 mill before it anything starts happening," "chop another $1.5m and guillotine the decorator," and "this is a so-so house in a so-so location on a decent piece of land. I agree it moves at around $4.5-5mm."
· Listing: 7 David's Court [Corcoran]