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Gorgeous Grosvenor Atterbury Estate Hits the Pricechopper

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Here's another pricechopped property today. This beautiful house has recently been reduced from $10.2M to $8.9M. (We are pretty sure it's the same house we posted about almost exactly a year ago that used to have a motel on the property; it looks the same but the address is different. Still, the property seems to have a third Montauk Highway address on Zillow. In that case, the chop has been from $13.9M to $8.9M, quite a tumble.) It's an old-school Hamptons summer house designed more than a hundred years ago by Grosvenor Atterbury. One of the best things about the property is the site: almost ten acres on one of the highest points in Southampton Town, which makes for spectacular panoramic views. The pool and patio overlook the water. The house is 8000sf, with several living rooms; five bedrooms, with a master suite with a sitting room and two fireplaces; and five full baths and two half. It was completely renovated and brought to modern standards in 2000.
· 21 Southway Southampton [Elliman]