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The Gold Digger's Guide to Hamptons Social Climbing, Part II

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Yesterday, we exposed the very private world (okay, it's not so private) of pretty young things striving to upgrade their social currency by marrying a billionaire. Hey, you gotta have dreams on the East End! We realized that we neglected to tell you where to meet these overly moneyed husbands-to-be who are just waiting for a truly sleazy (and, yes, greedy) woman to enter their lives?

Location, location, location!
It stands to reason that likeminded people congregate in the same areas. So, if you want to meet a man of means, then you probably shouldn't be schlepping in from Jersey on a daily basis. A while back, the New York Post reported that Cheryl Mercuris, a divorcee from Florida, rented the Sandcastle for two weeks. You know, it's that uber luxurious estate in Bridgehampton that features a bowling alley and rock-climbing wall. This sounds innocuous enough, but Mercuris wasn't here for fun. This rental was all business. Shelling out a staggering $500,000 for two weeks, this social climber said, "The dating pool is much better here than in Florida." We don't know if she was successful, but at least she had a plan.

Do your homework.
In our daily posts and the Weekender, we continually highlight the hautest art and charity benefits in the Hammies. Last night alone boasted the White Party at Georgica in Wainscott and the Southampton Hospital Gala at the Elks Lodge. These events are just teeming with rich men who are easily seduced by a winsome giggle and a rockin' body. Ladies, show up and show off!

Hit the clubs!
We acknowledge that becoming a member of the super exclusive Maidstone Club in East Hampton pretty much requires a miracle. We're not kidding. As we reported in January, even with Instagram and Twitter ruling our lives, this clubhouse prefers to remain aloof. So if you want to meet a true master of the universe, we suggest forging documents tracing your lineage back to the Mayflower. Hey, maybe your grandfather steered the ship and forgot to sign the ship's log. We know this is a long shot, but the reward is well worth your trouble!

Consider a transportation timeshare.
When finding a sugar daddy, sometimes it really is about the transportation, not the actual vacation. Your chances of rubbing shoulders with a gizillionaire are dramatically increased if you cough up the dough to rent a seat on a helicopter or better yet, a private jet, when coming out East.
Jamie Sharpe

Maidstone Club

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