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The Most Exclusive Hamptons Reservation Isn't in a Restaurant?

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It's been a good summer. Yes, yes, we acknowledge that the season of the d-bag mentality continues to rear its ugly head, but it's not so bad. And as we take stock of everything that's happened from repeated Gwyneth Paltrow book signings to celebrity house hunting, several things in the Big H remain unchanged. Parking is a nightmare; everybody has a bigger house than you; and women strutting around notable charity events consistently look younger. Actually, it's not that big of a mystery as to what's going on, and you know what we're talking about (hello, Botox!).

After some nosing around, we discovered that Dr. Kenneth Mark is the East End dermatologist who keeps these ladies looking so youthful. We visited the good doctor in his freshly opened offices in Southampton at 425 Country Road. We're not sure what we were expecting ? supermodels hanging from the rafters, beefed up security, and a secret password to gain entry? Obviously, it wasn't all cloak and dagger, but we will say this, the new offices are discreet and beautiful. The entire space just had that I'm oozing of money sensibility.

After talking with Dr. Mark, we learned that the majority of his clientele is unsurprisingly referred through word of mouth. This facial magician to the super elite explained that getting Botox has become socially acceptable. In fact, he touts that women often make an afternoon of shopping, working out, and getting Botox injections. Quite honestly, the most impressive thing we noticed is that nobody in Dr. Mark's office has discernable lines on their face. Color us impressed. Experiencing life beyond the hedges might not be so easy, but this Hamptons secret is definitely out of the bag!
· Kenneth Mark, MD [Official site]
Jamie Sharpe