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Are You Suffering from #FOMO? Five Ways to Tell

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For many of us, Instagram and Twitter are pretty much ruling our lives, so much so that the NYTimes recently ran an article discussing the #FOMO phenomenon. What's that, you ask? Apparently, social media types (you know who you are!) suffer serious anxiety if they aren't living life to the fullest at every possible moment. "Fear of missing out" has social stalkers freaking out if they aren't attending every event. So we feel it is our responsibility to bring you some Hamptons images that have struck fear in the hearts of Curbed Hamptons staffers. How about you?

Reasons to suffer #FOMO from this image:
• The pool is insanely gorgeous.
• Seriously, who has a backyard that well manicured?
• One question: where's the life size swan?

Reasons to suffer #FOMO from this image:
• Montauk sunsets are stunning.
• We aren't ready for the summer to end.
• Why aren't we on that sailboat right now?

Reasons to suffer #FOMO from this image:
• C'mon, who doesn't lust after a Bentley?
• Showing off your flashy car in the Big H is always a good time.
• Admit it, you know you love Cheetos!

Reasons to suffer #FOMO from this image:
• We wish we could go to the Topping Rose every week.
• The architecture makes us feel uber patriotic.
• Possibly the hardest reservation of the summer.

Reasons to suffer #FOMO from this image:
• What's not to love about Ruschmeyer's in Montauk?
• Hang time isn't just for kids!
• Finally, a carefree summer shot without booze!
Jamie Sharpe