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Sharknado Hits East Hampton

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We admit that glowsticks and dancing on tables is not our usual, but we made an exception last night at Sienna Restaurant and ultralounge, the East Hampton super club that caters to the bottle service crowd. We thought this was a bad economy, but these patrons had no problem shelling out serious cash for countless bottles of Dom Perignon. The evening's star attraction was the takeover of the space by The Box, another mega club in Manhattan that specializes in theatrics and burlesque dancing. Think a more grownup Cirque Du Soleil with alcohol. Our favorite moment of the evening came with the shark invasion. Translation: sexy sailors danced through the space with oversize shark balloons. Interestingly enough the top Twitter trending topic, Sharknado, an awesomely bad movie starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering made the jump from the Syfy network to a one-time only screening last night in Manhattan. With sharkmania in full swing, we were charmed by the spectacle. More debauchery ensued for an evening that only The Box could pull off!
Jamie Sharpe
· SL East [Official site]