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Architect Joe Eisner Renovates His First Residential Project

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What we really like about this project is that it shows you how gorgeous a tired 70s contemporary can look once a person with talent gets hold of it. Years ago, architect Joseph Eisner renovated a four-bedroom, four-bath contemporary in East Hampton as an investment property. Now Mr. Eisner has reinvented the place, with a new family room and master bedroom adding 800 square feet to the original 1900sf. "What I love about this project is the way it has evolved over the years," says Mr. Eisner. "It has become a virtual incubator for new architectural concepts and with each iteration, it takes on more significance for me professionally and personally."

The renovation added green and sustainable features to the house, with a new efficient heating system, better insulated exterior walls, new windows, and environmentally friendly materials and finishes. "Over the years, this house has been my laboratory from which I have put into practice innovative ideas that have ultimately helped out clients," adds Mr. Eisner. "Every so often I consider putting it on the market and doing another one."
· Eisner Design [Official site]