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Why Haven't These "Magical" Properties Sold?

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The East Hampton Star this week wrote about "magical" properties, houses with a certain intangible glamour to them, at least according to local real estate agents. Two that they mentioned were pretty familiar to Curbed readers: the house of "serial flipper" Sandy Gallin on Further Lane in Amagansett (pictured) and the Sagaponack house of Ross Bleckner that used to belong to Truman Capote. We agree that some houses have a really wonderful feeling about them, but we can't see it in either of these. (Granted, we've never been inside either.) We think for a house really to feel magical to us, it has to have some kind of interesting history and a resident who loves it, not flips it. And if these houses are so special, why haven't they sold? They've both been on the market for almost a year now.
· A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi [EH Star]