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Six-Bed Waterfront Traditional in Bridgehampton for $10.995M

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The "waterfront" in this case is Sam's Creek, which means you can navigate in your boat or kayak to Mecox Bay. There are two and a half acres of really nicely landscaped property, with pool, tennis court, and outdoor grill area. This house is new-ish, built in 2005, but the traditional furnishings sit comfortably inside. It's about 7000sf with six bedrooms and 5.5 baths. According to the listing, there is an ocean view, but since none are pictured, we wonder if it's one of those "in the winter, if the weather is right, you can maybe glimpse the sea from the attic window" views. Anyway, still a very nice house. What do you think of the price?
· Bridgehampton Waterfront with Ocean Views [Saunders]