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Rich Folks Need Their Home Cinemas or No Deal

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"When the art dealer Larry Gagosian ? feels like watching a first-run film at his East Hampton estate, all he needs to do is call his longtime projectionist, George Gottschalk, then go downstairs to his $250,000 screening room." (Us too, of course, and we also first have to brush past our $4 million granite statue of Popeye.) Home cinemas, according to the New York Times, are the most in-demand amenity among rich Hamptons homebuyers, more important than wine cellars. Remember that $17.5M Amagansett house with the screening room that used to belong to Barry Sonnenfeld? Apparently Mr. Gottschalk upgraded the system last year to the tune of $125,000. Can't afford that much? Remember: After Earth and The Real Housewives of New Jersey aren't any better in a more expensive room.
· Movie Night, Hamptons Style [NYT]