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Hamptonites Rockjazz Out at C/O the Maidstone

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What's the best way to inspire female leadership and promote the success of young women? Obviously, the answer is to throw a party in East Hampton at the fashionable c/o The Maidstone. Even better, get some celebs to host the event. Yes, we mean you, Donna Karan, Patricia Arquette, and Ross Bleckner. The real clincher, of course, is the musical talent: the number one priority is a rockjazz pianist. To be fair, this was not your typical piano set, not by a long shot. ELEW electrified the crowd with Jerry Lee Lewis-inspired theatrics as he banged away on the ebony and ivory. Translation: the Women's Fund of Long Island held their elegant Summer Soiree last Thursday evening. The usual Hamptons socials buzzed about the party, but this event was particularly fresh, with the sweet rockjazz sounds loosening up the crowd. The Women's Fund of Long Island rocks on so many levels! Thanks, ELEW!
· Women's Fund of LI [Official site]
Jamie Sharpe