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Southampton's Bling Ring: Obviously Bentleys are Involved

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The Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch is finally being upstaged by the Hamptons Hotrod Crew. (We just coined the last phrase ? please let us know if it sticks.) In all seriousness, there is a sophisticated network of thieves prowling the East End that has a craving for exotic cars. Not unlike the fame-obsessed teens that were the subject of Sofia Coppola's recent indie film The Bling Ring, these bandits have a particular soft spot for ridiculously expensive cars. We assumed the police would be dying to catch these bandits, but that doesn't really seem to be the case. NBC in New York reported that the rise in the theft of luxury vehicles is due to unlocked cars. Apparently, Southampton and East Hampton have taken the hardest hits. Don't worry, nobody is losing much sleep over the crimes, but there is a $5,000 reward being offered for information that will lead to a takedown of the ring, Hamptons style, of course.
· Cash Reward Offered for Hamptons Car Theft [NBC4 NY]
Jamie Sharpe