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Farm Fresh Fun at Watchcase in Sag Harbor

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Copious tears roll down our faces as we contemplate the end of the summer. We are still suffering from serious property lust (hello, Simon Cowell!) as we dream about where our next summer digs should be. Enter the Watchcase. Our illustrious editor toured the former Bulova watch factory earlier this summer, which is chock full of oversized windows, exposed brick, insanely gorgeous granite, and top of the line everything. Last night's cocktail party celebrated local interior designer Steven Gambrel's interpretation of the oh-so-haute farm to table trend. After walking through the penthouse suite, we must proclaim our adoration of the tablescapes he created. Seamlessly blending the rustic essence of organic products with sleek and sophisticated finishes, Gambrel captured the spirit of the condominiums. Our only thought: "When can we move in?"
· Watchcase [Official site]
Jamie Sharpe