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Ouch! Pricechop #5 for this Peter Cook-designed Estate

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We're starting to feel sorry for this poor house. The last time we wrote about this East Hampton traditional designed by Peter Cook, it was to make note of a $1.3M pricechop. Now another $1.7M has been shaved off the price. This most recent reduction brings the ask down to $13.2M. In the past, commenters have said that the Peter Cook name has "negative cachet," they've called the house "massively overpriced," and one commenter thought the 3.5 acre estate "won't get any bites till it goes below $10" million. The house was initially asking $19M in 2009. Is Pricechop #5 going to do it for this place?
· Premiere Georgica Estate [Sotheby's International Realty]