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Summer Loving, Billionaire Style!

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Apparently, Grease really is the word ? well, it is with the Hamptons moneyed crowd. Former junk bond king and more recently ex-con (don't worry, we're talking white collar crimes only) Mike Milken and his closest billionaire buds are hosting the Rydell High School Sock Hop this Saturday night in East Hampton. Benefitting prostate cancer, tickets reportedly range in price from $500 to $5,000. This private charity event is by invitation only, so we're wondering what all the secrecy is about. Could it be that the former jailbird doesn't want you to see him with slicked back Danny Zuko-inspired hair? Even worse, he doesn't have enough hair to slick back! Hmmm?.

With décor from uber-famous wedding planner Colin Cowie and food courtesy of executive chef David Burke, this evening promises to bring out everyone's inner greaser. Wealthy socialites and summer loving, what could be more entertaining?
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Jamie Sharpe