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Architect Erica Broberg Smith's East Hampton Home As Pictured in This Old House

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Fifteen years ago, "Three things drew me to the East End: nature, sports and access to construction sites," architect Erica Broberg Smith reflects. "I built the first phase of our house alone, met my husband Scott Smith and we continued to renovate and modify the house to this day." In marrying an architect, Mr. Smith got more than he bargained for. "There are times when I come home from work and the wall color is changed and we have furnishings I have never seen before. It used to be jarring, but I have gotten used to the 'design lab as house' we live in."

One of the bigger challenges was combining her eclectic midcentury modern style with his old-school traditional hunting memorabilia. "When we were first married, there were deerskins, skulls and hunting images everywhere you looked. It took a long time to convince Scott to move some of the ducks and bucks to the basement, where they still reside today," Ms. Broberg Smith says.

The house was not complete until there was a tree house for their children, which also displays the buoys collected from winter beach walks.

Although the wall colors and furnishings fluctuate based on auction, antique and thrift finds, the house remains a safe harbor for a family of nature loving adventurers.
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