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Live the Glamorous Life in Westhampton Beach for $17.5M

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The best word we can think of to describe the interiors on this Mediterranean-style waterfront estate in Westhampton Beach is "swanky." This house has got everything: marble floors, crystal chandeliers, swags-and-tails silk draperies, fireplaces, oil paintings, tennis court with tennis pavilion, guest houses, 65 seat synagogue?.wait, what? A synagogue? A tennis pavilion? That reminds us of someone else's house, which can also be described as swanky. So we decided to do a little side-by-side comparison.

Fair Field Westhampton Beach
Acreage 63 4.7
Square Feet 76,000 12,000
Bedrooms 29 7
Bathrooms 39 7.5
Waterfront Yes Yes
Private Museum Yes No
Tennis Pavilion Yes Yes
Synagogue Yes Yes
Pilates Studio No No
Buildings, total Five Five
Property Taxes $483,000 $38,030
Price $200M if on market $17.5M

We have probably convinced you: if you can't run to Rennertlike magnificence, you can get it on a slightly smaller scale with this place. · Landmark Bayfront Estate [Norma Reyolds]


1 Fairfield Pond Road, Sagaponack, NY 11962