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Jazz Age East Hampton: Clothes, Clubs and Contraband

If there's anything we love more than the Hamptons and flapper dresses, it's hooch! (Wait, no, we meant to write "fascinating historical exhibitions." Really.) Fortunately the new show put on by the East Hampton Historical Society, "Jazz Age East Hampton (1919-1933): Clothes, Clubs & Contraband," manages to combine all our passions. Despite Prohibition, in the Hamptons, dunes, barns, and secret compartments inside cars kept spirits flowing. East Hampton summers were filled with parties, sporting events, and fundraisers. Famous folks like the tenor Enrico Caruso came to carouse. At this exhibition, you'll see period fashions (can we have that pink dress?), a 70-year-old bottle of contraband liquor, a rustic croquet set, and many historic photos that will bring this captivating period to life.
· East Hampton Historical Society [Official site]