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You Know You Secretly Hope You Made Our Tacky List!

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We're just curious, do you think they like champagne? This picture is a little unclear!

Our buddies at Guest of a Guest Hamptons have faithfully been bringing you their favorite picks for the best Hamptons moments all summer. While we love what they are doing, we thought we should offer an alternative from everybody's favorite social media outlet, Instagram. Instead of going the classy route, we think it's more entertaining to share our choices for the tackiest Hamptons photos posted on IG. With phrases that are labeled as #hamptonsproblems and #goodlife, these images bring selfies into an entirely new light. Take a gander!

The dental butt floss crew. You love showing off your butt, clearly. You might want to check that left cheek.

Warm and fuzzy. Obviously you need high-heeled furry boots with a bikini. Duh!

Party animals. We get it, you love to get drunk in the Hamptons.
Jamie Sharpe