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Where Should Tina Fey Film? Vote!

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One of our fave Hamptons neighbors, Fire Island, might soon play host to NBC comedian and former 30 Rock star Tina Fey. Little Miss Bossypants (yes, we loved her bestselling book!) is producing a Fire Island-based show that centers around a young woman looking to reconnect with her father. Will Tina keep it real and opt to film at the beach? We know she has spent time in the area, so we thought we'd be proactive and find some listings for her. Hey, Tina, please get back to us with your thoughts! Where do you think Tina should shack up?

Option one
Going for $899,000, this 4 bedroom, 2 bath house has a killer deck. This is ideal for entertaining an overworked crew. Hey, party at Tina's! Bonus, if Bossypants has a tough day on the set, this place boasts lovely tile work. We think she will enjoy the spa-like feel.

Option two
Now these digs scream beach house! Going for $2,850,000, this spread is a showstopper. With views for days and a kitchen that still has us drooling (hello, gorgeous fixtures), we think this location is truly Shangri-La! With 360-degree views, we're betting that any on-set drama would disappear with every jaw-dropping sunset.

Option three
Listed at $679,000, this decidedly modest house is the easiest on the wallet. With new electrical and a quiet location, this basic property might be just what Fey needs if she is looking for solitude in her downtime. We just hope she has a thing for wood paneling.
Jamie Sharpe