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Big Reveal: How Much for this Three-Bed in Hither Hills?

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The big winner is DTinMTK, who wrote, "I think they are asking $4 million. Seems kinda like the Montauket being worth $14 million. Hey, you can ask for whatever you want..." Yep. Asking price is $3.995M. (Although if we were using the Price is Right Showcase Showdown rules, DTinMTK would be over.) Guest 2 wrote, "4 Mil??? What a joke. Make my house worth 10!!!" Noyac wrote, "Somewhat similar property - 8 Washington sold for 2.15 million last year - however that was a bigger lot where they tore down two cottages and are putting up a huge house. The size and slope of this property will not allow for that so it'll probably go for 1.25 to 1.5 million (if they really want to sell)." Another commenter added, "I'm adding another $5 million since the guy who plays harmonica on the Sesame Street theme song stayed here!" So there you have it. Consensus is it's not worth the asking price.
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