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Springs Farmhouse with Artist's Studio Comes Complete with Art for $1.895M

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This property overlooks meadows and preserve but also has expansive views of Accabonac Harbor. It has an interesting history: built in 1940, the main section of the house was barracks for American troops during WWII. After the war, it belonged to sculptor William Tarr, who worked in welded steel in the studio—a number of his pieces remain on the property, including "Morningside Heights," which was commissioned by the NYC Board of Education in the 1960s. In 1997, the house was expanded and renovated. It's 2985sf with three bedrooms and three baths set on .82 acre. (The owner has good taste—love the Frank Lloyd Wright chairs in the dining room.) The artist's studio, which used to be a potato barn, is 2205sf. There's also plenty of decking and a pool.
· Springs Farmhouse With Artist's Studio On Accabonac Harbor [Corcoran]