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Chevy Chase's Son-in-Law Goes for Midnight Dip, Naked Walk of Shame

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Rescue workers in East Hampton got calls around 12:30 AM Saturday night because of a missing swimmer opposite the Maidstone Club. Apparently a family was having a bonfire on the beach, when a young man, who'd been drinking, decided to take all his clothes off and run into the surf. Hey, who hasn't? Except he didn't come back. The rescue worker we spoke to talked to his frantic wife and family, including his father in law, Chevy Chase, a member of the Maidstone Club. There were police, the ocean rescue squad, a helicopter, jetskis, all looking for this dude. Thankfully, the guy turned up at home two hours later. He kept swimming and then decided to walk home naked. We're glad he's safe, but who is going to pay the tens of thousands of dollars in police time, helicopter, and other equipment spent looking for him? [Curbedwire]

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