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The Hamptons vs. Saratoga: Two Horsey Areas Square Off

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We just perused the New York Times article "Hamptons on the Hoof," which compared the "subdued" racing community of Saratoga to "the flashy standards of the Hamptons." Apparently, having "pretty publicists" with iPads is all you need to be considered ostentatious. They might have a point, but we take issue with the South Fork being referred to as flamboyant when Saratoga notables are known to make quite the entrance. Case in point, Marylou Whitney, a moneyed "doyenne" of the community, used hot air balloons as a mode of transportation for attending galas. She even dressed her husband up as the Phantom of the Opera, yes cape and all. So, in our opinion, we're not so different after all, because money respects money.


? Bobby Flay resident

? Billionaires involved (hello, Peter Brant)

? Gold diggers

? Maidstone (you can't get in)

? Polo

? Shingle Style Mansions with hedges

? Gorgeous polo players

? Stunning horses


? Bobby Flay attends

? Billionaires involved (hello, Wall Street)

? Cougars

? Saratoga Reading Rooms (nope)

? Saratoga Races

? Greek Revival mansions with hedges

? Anorexic jockeys

? Stunning horses

· Hamptons on the Hoof [NYT] —Jamie Sharpe