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Your Ferrari is a Dime a Dozen Out Here

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Yesterday, one local told off rude, entitled summer people. (edited)

I love the air of superiority of some of these quotes, and the implied jealousy that you think people have. So to answer how someone can tell a local from a visitor. You've lived someplace the majority of your life. The population increases 20x in the summer. The people you don't see at the grocery store in the offseason are the visitors. Pretty simple. The fact of the matter is that every Hamptons community is a community where you see and recognize people that you know if you actually live there. It's not anonymous, it's as far of a polar opposite to that as can be. To people that actually exist out here, it is quite amusing to watch the self-centered, narcissistic behavior that some visitors exhibit. Nobody has a problem with you if you drive a Rover, or Ferrari, or a Maybach. You're a dime a dozen out here. The problem people have is when visitors double park in a handicap zone, or just do generally socially unacceptable and boorish behavior. [?] And by the way, it's not just the rest of the state, it's the globe. It's an international destination. No one visitor/2nd home owner/ renter's money actually matters. As a whole it does, but the individual miscreants, that are self-centered and think that the 'Hamptons' revolves around your $1,000 or $10,000 or $10mm that you are spending are exactly who everyone can do without. Congrats, you're spending money, act like you've done it before, and have some style, some dignity, some grace, and some respect for the rest of the people that walk the same planet as you.
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