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#EasyBreezySummer at the Surf Lodge

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We just love a carefree day filled with paddle boarding, tropical drinks, and oh yeah, Samantha Ronson! Like a chic oasis offering shelter from the intense heat, Cover Girl's Easy Breezy Block Party Bus rolled into town and took over the Surf Lodge in Montauk. Attendees were treated to the Cover Moment Photobomb Booth and the Manicam Red Carpet. The latter involved a nifty little camera that instantly sent out six-second Vine videos of freshly applied manicures. Promoting the #easybreezysummer campaign, this soiree was all about social media. But it's pretty easy to get behind the event when tons of makeup samples are being distributed among the crowd and one of our favorite DJs (yes, we love you Samantha!) is working the party.
· Cover Girl [Official site]
Jamie Sharpe