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Of Course Now the Hamptons Has Concierge Dentists

Need your teeth whitened but can't spare the time from being a captain of industry to get into the dentist's office? According to the Wall Street Journal, husband-and-wife city dentists Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport and Dr. Michelle Katz will get those pearlies whiter in the privacy of your own great room for a fee of $999. The idea came from a barbecue the couple went to last summer in East Hampton when other partygoers had corn stuck in their teeth and asked the couple for floss. We can see this being a hit for the time-strapped. (To read the article: Google "Dentists Make House Calls in the Hamptons" and then you can click on that link. And while we're being parenthetical: Wall Street Journal, what's with "Easthampton" and "West Hampton"? Come on.)
· Dentists Make House Calls in the Hamptons [WSJ]