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Naked Ladies and Alien Invasions at Art Southampton

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It's art fair season on the East End, so we checked out Art Southampton's opening night on July 25th. Located behind the Elks Lodge and presented by Art Miami, the exhibition featured installations and contemporary works of art. Upon arriving to one of the most insane parking situations (seriously, this was ridiculous!), we trotted through imaginative takes on pop culture. But, let's be honest, the real showstopper were the naked ladies. We couldn't stop gawking at Kevin Berlin's Alien Invasion. Black chimney-sweep hat aside, Berlin is constantly featuring scantily clad women covered in paint. This season, his muses were decked out in look-at-me green (hello, is this an extension of Avatar's Pandora?). With a 100,000 square-foot pavilion, this showcase is definitely worth the trek out to Route 27A.
· Art Southampton [Official site]
Jamie Sharpe