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Tuscan-Inspired Living in North Haven for $2.895M

There's a lot we like about this place, and a lot we find slightly odd. Mediterranean design isn't our favorite in the Hamptons, mainly because our climate doesn't call for sun-baked stucco houses. Still, unlike some Hamptons Mediterranean designs we've seen, this house doesn't look like an oversized Taco Bell. Inside, there's a nice modern airy summery feel, even if there seem to be too many tall pointy dark things—lamps, that mask on a plinth in the great room, even the woodburning stoves. The bedrooms are all very spacious, although with the cocktail tables they seem more like hotel rooms or studio apartments than bedrooms. Still, these are all minor complaints, as a buyer isn't getting the furniture. There are four beds and three baths (love the master bath) in 3450sf on 4.2 acres. The grounds are beautiful and seem very private, with a walled courtyard and a 60' pool with spa.
· Tuscan Country In North Haven [Corcoran]