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Happy Birthday, Hamptons Magazine! Bikes are Involved?

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So how do you like to start your morning on the South Fork? A time-honored East End tradition consists of hitting the gym (hello, Barry's Bootcamp!), grabbing coffee (bye-bye hangover), and snatching up an arm load of free publications outside of Starbucks. And what is everybody really searching for? Hamptons magazine, of course! The publication recently celebrated 35 years at a glitzy soiree in Bridgehampton. Held at Nova's Ark Project, a sculptural park that celebrates integral art, the fete auctioned off celebrity-designed Brooklyn Cruiser bicycles. Even Governor Cuomo got in on the action and decorated a bike. Event designer Larry Scott provided the food, which was as artistic as it was delicious. As for the cocktails, we spotted more than a few attendees trying to confiscate those adorable copper mugs from Russian Standard Vodka. Then again, we can't say that we blame the partygoers; the glasses are super chic. Among the crowd, we spotted Katie Lee, Christie Brinkley, and Andy Cohen.
· Hamptons Mag [Official site]
Jamie Sharpe