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Chris Burch's Southampton Ranch in Architectural Digest

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J. Christopher Burch, the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, is perhaps best known these days for his retro-prep brand C. Wonder. But if you were expecting the brilliant candy colors of C. Wonder in Burch's Southampton ranch, you're in for a surprise.

While the house makes it clear its owner has quirky, eccentric taste, colors and patterns are toned down and soothing, in accordance with Burch's notion of the house feeling more like a cottage than an estate.

New York interior designer Christopher Maya recalls his first encounter with Burch: "Chris was sitting in the conference room with colleagues, a pink Hermès scarf wrapped around his head. I thought, This is going to be fun." The designer aimed for rooms that reflect the laid-back character of a summer cottage while underscoring Burch's playful personality.
· C. Wonder Founder J. Christopher Burch's Spirited Hamptons Beach House [ArchDigest]

C. Wonder

5 Main Street, 5 Main Street Southampton, NY 11968