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Mom of Wasserstein Love Child Wants Share of Further Lane Estate

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The mother of dead Wall Street billionaire Bruce Wasserstein's love child wants the girl to be able to visit the family's estate in East Hampton. When Wasserstein, the head of investment firm Lazard, died suddenly at 61 in 2009, he left behind a messy personal life: a widow, three ex-wives, and six children. His five other children range from teenagers to their 30s and they don't want his ex-mistress and her child at the estate, called Cranberry Dune. They consider that this woman broke up Wasserstein's last marriage (because he had such a great track record?) and the child is too young to remember her father anyway. The little girl isn't exactly mired in poverty; with her own $75M trust fund, she lives in a multimillion-dollar Manhattan apartment, gets tens of thousands in child support, and even gets $200K a year to secure a summer rental in the Hamptons. Lawyers seem to be attempting to get a settlement equal to a share of the East Hampton house's value.
Mom of Billionaire Bruce Wasserstein's Lovechild Wants Use of Hamptons Pad [DNA Info]