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Wooldon Manor, Historic Gin Lane Estate, is Yours for $48M

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[Land-based photo credit: Chris Foster][Aerial photo ©]

Now this is an old-school Hamptons mansion. But believe it or not, this was originally the pool house for the old Wooldon Manor, which was demolished in 1941. The original house was built in 1900 for Dr. Peter Wyckoff. (The pictures at bottom are from the Architectural Record, 1904.) Dr. Wyckoff sold the house in 1928 to Jessie Woolworth Donahue, the daughter of F.W. Woolworth, the founder of Woolworth's. Jessie renovated and expanded the estate, building the pool house in 1930. Wooldon Manor was once called the most opulent home in the Hamptons. The last owner of the whole estate was Edmund Lynch of Merrill Lynch. After his death, the mansion was pulled down, the estate subdivided, and the outbuildings turned into residences.

The pool house has been enlarged and renovated over the years. Now it is a nine-bedroom, 10.5 bathroom, 10,000sf grand mansion in itself. And it has its own pool house! The interiors are stunning (dig that marble tub) and the current owners (Vince and Louise Camuto) have added modern technology and security. The grounds, which are offered at 5.5 acres (more are available), are beautifully landscaped (we're in love with that gazebo greenhouse). We are slightly concerned with how close the house is to the ocean, however. That aside, the location is unbeatable, the views incredible, the pedigree unmatched—anyone who is looking for a world-class estate in the Hamptons should consider being the next owner of fabled Wooldon Manor.
· Southampton Oceanfront [Corcoran]