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Social Climbers Frozen Out of Social Clubs

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My dear, the people at the New York Magazine have written a story about our clubs, if you please. They mention one's desire not to court publicity. However, one must admit to chuckling when that nice Mr. von Ribbentrop's membership at the Meadow Club is mentioned with the sentence, "If having a father who was executed for crimes against humanity is not a reason to be excluded from a private club, what is?" Dear Father would have been enraged if he knew that a Nazi's son was a member of the Club; perhaps it is better that Father expired when he did. One is only too pleased, though, that the better clubs keep out the arrivistes and parvenus. One prefers to keep to one's own kind and not have to encounter a young person named, one believes? Snooki.
· Greens with Envy [The New York Magazine, if you please!]