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Hamptons Real Estate Lawyer Doing It a Bit Differently

In just six years, The Adam Miller Group PC has crossed the One Billion Dollar mark in real estate transactions and has become one of the premier real estate law firms on the East End. Founded by real estate attorney Adam M. Miller, the firm brings the unique combination of Mr. Miller's Manhattan / Proskauer experience and the East End expertise that now comes from years of local practice.

The firm brings a fresh, professional and modern approach to the practice of real estate law and is finding itself on the call lists of top real estate brokers, investors and significant players in Manhattan. The firm is consistently involved in the largest transactions happening on the East End.

To find out more, feel free to call The Adam Miller Group at 631-537-1155 (Bridgehampton), 631-492-1370 (Melville) or visit to take care of all of your real estate legal needs.