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It Takes a Special Buyer to Appreciate an Historic Home

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While everyone loves the historic buildings of the Hamptons, they're a hard sell for home buyers. The East Hampton Star notes that while these houses are built with craftsmanship unseen today and while they offer features such as beautiful old floorboards, massive beams, fireplaces with handmade bricks and local stone, buyers don't want the drawbacks, which often include low ceilings, smaller windows, and diminutive rooms. (Also, possibly, termites, though we feel compelled to point out that we live in a house built in 1829 and there are no termites, because our house was framed of oak which is too hard to attract termites.) Pictured above is Hedge Court Cottage in Water Mill, on Montauk Highway opposite the Parrish Art Museum, which is on the market for just under a million dollars and was built in 1699. It will take a special buyer to appreciate its history and want to assume the responsibility of taking care of the house. We've found that historic homes repay all the headaches with charm and lovable idiosyncrasies.
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