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Look Out Hamptons, Here Come the Princesses!

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Look who we spotted coming out to the Hamptons on the Cannonball express yesterday! The cast members of Bravo TV's newest show, "Princesses: Long Island," seemed right at home as they posed for pictures, received mini makeovers, and tweeted out every (painful) moment of the trip. Ashlee White already set the Twittersphere into overdrive last week when she with referred to the community of Freeport as "ghetto." After a serious backlash that included an apology issued by White on her Bravo blog, she was a no-show for this jaunt. So what does this mean for the East End? Brace yourselves, Indian Wells Beach, here come the princesses!
· Riding the Cannonball with the Princesses [Newsday]
Jamie Sharpe