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Two Vintage Carl Fishers Plus Bonus Cottage in Montauk for $4.45M

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This is an interesting listing: three acres of land with three buildings on them. We love Carl Fisher Tudors—and this property offers two of them, though they need work. One house has a five bedroom, five bath main part (we're crazy in love with the green vintage bathroom), with the staff quarters as a three bedroom, one bath separate apartment. The second Tudor is in rougher shape and is broken up into two apartments. There's also a cottage that looks extremely dilapidated. So that's three buildings with five legal C of Os.

We think someone should buy the place, fix up the Carl Fishers, rebuild the cottage, keep the Carl Fisher with the funky green pedestal sink for his or herself, subdivide, and then sell the rest. Or keep it all as a family compound and put Crazy Aunt Mae in the cottage, either way.
· Investment Opportunity-Compound; Carl Fisher Tudors [Corcoran]