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East Hampton Town and Federal Government to Rebuild Montauk Beaches

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Good news—Congress has this week approved $700 million for rebuilding Long Island's South Shore beaches. Montauk's downtown beaches are now on the Army Corps of Engineers' priority list, as are beaches in Hampton Bays, East Quogue and West Hampton Dunes Village.

Because this work will not start for another 18 months or so, East Hampton Town is planning to truck in approximately 10,000 yards of sand at Ditch Plains so that the beach may be used this summer. The beach at Ditch Plains is rocky and full of bits of old concrete so it has not been open for swimming this year, and while the town hoped more sand would return to the shore quickly, it hasn't happened yet. Therefore, East Hampton will shore up the beach so that it can be used as soon as possible.
· Montauk and Hampton Bays Beaches Will Be Rebuilt with Federal Funds [27 East]