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Preserving History Written in Stone

This is a rare "table top" gravestone belonging to Jonathan Nicoll Havens, a Congressman, a member of the New York delegation that approved the United States Constitution, a New York State Assemblyman, and also apparently a Philofopher, Statefman, and Patriot. He is buried at the Presbyterian Church Burying Ground on Shelter Island. On Sunday, June 23 and Monday, June 24, the Shelter Island Daughters of the American Revolution will be offering a two-day gravestone preservation workshop led by conservator Jonathan Appell. Attendees will learn about the problems involved with the preservation of grave monuments, cleaning, repair, and more. Graves are not only fascinating, they're important tools for historic research. So learn how to help preserve them—Jonathan Nicoll Havens, Patriot, would thank you.
· DAR and Historical Society Push to Preserve Gravestones [SI Reporter]