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Celebrating Our Four-Legged Friends in Water Mill

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Animal lovers gathered at the residence of Robert and Jewel Morris in Water Mill last night in support of the Pet Hero Awards. The event united all animal organizations of the East End by promoting the rescuing and adoption of our four-legged friends. Former Nickelodeon star and recent Hollywood hotshot Lou Wegner received the Junior Ambassador Award for founding the Kids Against Animal Cruelty Organization. The crowd swooned when a rather dreamy Wegner passionately spoke about his commitment to eliminating animal euthanasia, saying "I'm told constantly that we can't save the millions of lives in the shelters and we can't beat the odds. But I know we can beat the odds. We've done so much already. These are baby steps to a great goal that is on its way to being accomplished!" With 8,200 dogs and cats being killed in shelters on a daily basis, we hope more Hamptonites open their homes to a rescue pet.
· Pet Philanthropy Circle [Official site]
Jamie Sharpe